How to unbound fund

Hey fellows, you will see in this guide how to unbound fund from staking, and how to rebound fund previously unbound.

Firstly, go on the Staking tab under Network tab You can see here your current stashes. StakingView


If you want to unbound some pirl, just click on the 3 dots on the right of you choosen stash then select Unbound funds Unbound

Then enter the amount you want to unbound and submit transaction Unbound

Now, you will need to wait around 28 days to use your unbounded PIRL again. You can see the remaining blocks when you hover Unbound


In case you have unbound by mistake (10k instead of 1k for instance) you can rebound your fund without have to wait the unbound period of 28 days.

To rebound your funds go on extrinsics tab under Developer tab. rebond

  1. Choose your Controller account
  2. Select staking
  3. Select rebond(value)
  4. Specify the number of pirl you want to rebond

Then submit your transaction. You should now see your pirl rebond and available for staking ! rebondDone

Thanks you to use PIRL 2.0

Written by WeHaveCookie