Most usefull keyword in markdown

  • # for title, ## for sub-title, ### for sub-sub-title and so one
  • **MyText** to write text in bold
  • *MyText* to write text in italic
  • ***MyText*** to write text in bold italic
  • `MyText` to write your text in inline block
  • MyText with some \*here and\* here to escape character, display MyText with some * here and * here instead of MyText with some here and here
  • > MyText to create a blockquote


  • 1. MyText to create a numbered list
  1. First item
  2. Second item
  • - MyText to create a bullet list
  • First item
  • Second item
  • [displayName](URL) to create text link. Like this FAQ

Pro tips

you can add tag to directly jump on specific section

[Validator Reward](../migrate/ to get this : Validator Reward

  • ![InternalTag](ImgPath) to insert a picture.

![PirlHeart](../media/PirlHeart.png) give that PirlHeart

Pro tips

If you want to have a clickable picture (to be able user to see it in full screen) use that instead

[<img src="../media/PirlHeart.png"/>](../media/PirlHeart.png) give us

And if you want to scale it to put some heart everywhere do that

<img src="../media/PirlHeart.png" width="20"/>

If you want to use more advance keyword, you can find plenty of docs here :

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