Welcome to the new Pirl 2.0 on substrate.

Pirl has migrated from it's original proof-of-work protocol ( ethash ) and are now Nominated Proof-of-Stake (nPOS) based on substrate.

It`s time to claim your new Pirl 2.0. You can claim your "old" Pirl by following the guides supplied in this Wiki. Claim are based on your balance at block 7 650 000 on the old chain. (Nov 16, 2020)

- Claim only has to be done once per old Pirl wallet.
- Pirl stored on STEX, Graviex and Sistemcoin at block 7 650 000 has been swapped by exchange.

Start by making yourself a new account in the new Pirl Portal as described in the guide.
Take your time and read the information given in the Wiki.

Welcome to Pirl 2.0 !