How to make a treasury tips

Hey fellows ! In this guide, you will see how to submit a treasury tips.

If you wonder how you can propose a tip for people that you think deserves some kind of gratitude, you could propose a tip !

Tips can be suggested by anyone and are supported by members of the Council. There are two types of tips: public and tipper-initiated. Public tips have a bond and carry a finder's fee of 20% which is paid out from the total amount. Tipper-initiated (tips that a Council member published) do not have a finder's fee nor a bond.

Go on the tips page from Treasury tabs : tips

Then click on Propose tip tipsRequest

You will need to choose a beneficiary, fill the tip reason (why council shoud accept this tips request) then a tips value.

The final value of the tip is decided based on the median of all tips issued by the tippers (council members).

Tip will enter a closing phase when more than a half plus one of the council have endorsed a tip. So it should be done with justified reason.

When the 7th council member voted, a 24 hours countdown does start, then when this is over, a council member need to close the tip. tipsClose

Then the tips is proceed tipsReceived Thanks you for contributing in PIRL 2.0

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